Universal Reconciliation – A.E. Knoch

Universal Reconciliation – A.E. Knoch

By way of introduction Knoch wrote:
“In this little handbook we tear away the false traditions of Christendom first. Then we remove the dark cover which philosophical mistranslations have laid over God’s Book. With these gone all that is necessary is to read God’s message to us more carefully, and its overwhelmingly glorious solution of this vexed problem illuminates our minds and flood our hearts with exultant joy and praise and adoration to the God of all grace and glory.”

Then, by way of conclusion at the end of His book Knoch wrote:
“We have considered the traditions of Christendom which darken this subject and found them unscriptural. My love to God and my admiration have increased unutterably since I have seen that He is not the defeated fiend of Christendom, but is fully able to cope with evil and sin, and bind them all to the chariot wheels of love. All His attributes, including holiness, and righteousness, serve in the livery of love. Adored be His Name!”

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