Why this site is called age-during.com

Its an odd phrase, age-during, where did it come from?

Whilst doing some study into the concept of eternal punishment I found that whilst most Bibles have the Greek word “aiōnion” translated as “eternal” or “forever”, the Young’s Literal Translation (YLT) uses the phrase “age-during”, which implies an undefined limit in time rather than something that goes on forever and ever.

In other places the phrase “age-lasting” is used. Again, this implies a limit in time.  Something that lasts for an age.

Further study has me convinced that the Christian doctrine of eternal punishment is incorrect and is in part supported by the mis-translation of aiōnion.

The concept of an everlasting punishment for finite sin has puzzled me and many sincere Christians for many years.  It is hard to reconcile the apparent contradiction between a God of amazing, outrageous grace and a God who would punish for eternity.

As, has become clear to me, punishment for sin is for a period of time not forever, and the nature of the punishment is corrective rather than punitive – for the good of the one being punished, not the one punishing.

The Good News really is good news.

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2 Responses to Why this site is called age-during.com

  1. Cassie says:

    It truly is the good news! The joy that fills you from head to toe when learning and understanding that God does not want us to be tormented or completely destroyed. He will save all.

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